About us

We are a team of 20 people focused on research&development of various technologies to deliver marine navigation system working on leading Smart Glasses

Veo = spanish “I see”

Our ultimate goal is to build software reading  geographical systems like Google Maps, Mapbox, Here
to present navigational data in the leading smart glasses from

Vuzix, LaForge, Lumus, Hololens, ODG, Everysight




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We build navigation software dedicated for Sea and Inland Waters. Our main product is VEO Navigation - complex marine navigation system working with GEO systems, presenting the data on Tablets and waterproof SmartGlasses.

Our strategic goal is to build wide range of navigation systems working on SmartGlasses: yacht navigation, car navigation, motorbike navigation, bicycle navigation, walk & run navigation, extreme sports navigation.


To assure stunning navigation functionality we are going to connect our system directly to Yachts and other machines. If you want to connect your VEHICLE to VEO Navigation app - please contact us!


We aim to build universal software working on various SmartGlasses. Currently we are analysing Vuzix, Lumus, LaForge models waiting for them to come on market in 2018. If you build your SmartGlasses contact us, we will analyse your product and make decision how to support it!

VEO Navigation project
is co-sponsored by European Union