VEO Thermovision

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VEO Thermovision

High resolution thermal view in AR glasses with professional thermal imaging InfraRed camera. A unique solution that allows you to analyse temperature of objects and monitor surrounding people for increased skin temperature. The user has the IR camera mounted on any rail mounting helmet connected to the AR glasses. That causes that the thermal image is superimposed on the real image. As a result, he quickly examines his surroundings and can take appropriate action. The effective operating radius for precise fever detection is 5 meters and for night vision up to 500-800 meters (for recognizing objects with different temperature). The headset contains: Vuzix M400 + IR camera 384x288 thermal resolution + Vuzix splitter + rail helmet mouting set + VEO Thermovision app

€3,600 + VAT


Use in COVID19 (by applying VEO Fever Detection app):

Identifying a person with a fever with a measurement error below 0.3 C up to 2 meters

Identifying a person with fever with an error of measurement below 0.6 C  2-5 meters

Recognizing a person in a fever in a crowd of up to 50 people - 0.5 seconds


Night vision application (by applying VEO Thermovision app):

Person shape recognition up to 300 meters

Big animal recognition up to 500 meters 

Vehicle (car) recognition up to 800 meters 

Large vehicle recognition up to 1000 meters 


Thermal imaging application:

Object temperature measurement with an error below 3 degrees C in the range from -20 to 400 degrees.


Working time on single charge: 15 hours

Water resistancy for the whole set: IP 65

Total weight of the system (without the helmet): 450 gram


IR Camera parameters:


1.Display: integrated with AR glass

2. Infrared Resolution: 384X288;

3. Temperature range: -20 ~ 400 ° C;

4. Wavelength range: 8 ~ 14um;

5. Focusing mode: Focusing by manual;

6. Thermal sensitivity: 0.06 ° C;

7.Temperature accuracy: ± 3% / 3 ° C;

8. Frame rate: 25 Hz;

9. Temperature measurement and analysis pattern: (1) .point temperature measurement; (2) .linear temperature measurement analysis; (3) .regional temperature measurement analysis;

10. Video recording / photo: support;

11. Cell spacing: 17um;

12. Working wavelength range: 8 ~ 14um;

13. Temperature calibration: Manual / Automatic;

14. Temperature output: real-time output;

15. Image enhancement: multi-level detail enhancement;

16. Image calibration: Shutter calibration;

17. Presentation: white hot, black hot, rainbow and others;

18. Operation condition: 0 ° C ~ 50 ° C;

19. Storage condition: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C;

20. Interface: Type-C;

21. Power supply: 3.8 ~ 5V DC;

22. Weight: 45g; 23.Size: 49.5 * 36.1 * 29.3mm