NREAL.AI Development Kit

Smart glasses

NREAL.AI Development Kit

One-of-a-kind light and small Mixed Reality glasses made in tethered architecture (on a cable connected to a computer). In the Development Kit, the computer is built by the manufacturer. In Light sets it is a smartphone with a Qualcomm processor. Moving processing to the phone allows end customers to purchase the Light version for only 800eu (the closest competitor costs 3 times more!). will ultimately have an efficient SLAM and the ability to track the head in 6 DoF (degress of freedom). The displays have a FOV of 48 degrees diagonally. VEO is importing Nreal Dev Kits for companies wanting to start developing applications for this hardware platform.

€1,400 + VAT


6DoF Space Recognition

6DoF Space Recognition provides developers with real-time mapping constructs and 3D point clouds, giving applications information about the physical structures of the environment the glasses are in.

Plane Detection

Plane Detection allows Nreal glasses to detect flat surfaces (both horizontal and vertical) in the real world. When moving the glasses around, the plane can be extended, and multiple planes can merge into a single plane in an overlap condition.

Hand Tracking

In a pursuit of a frictionless user experience, high-fidelity hand tracking on Nreal Dev Kit is an intuitive way for users to manipulate or interact with their MR environment using their very own hands to pinch, grab and swipe holographic objects.(Available Soon)

Multiplayer Mode

Multiple wearers of Nreal Light are able see and interact with each other in the same mixed reality environment. This feature enables developers to build multi-user and shared real-time MR experiences including collaborative workspaces, meetings or even co-op games.

Compatible with all Android apps

With a quick click, Nreal enables you to interact with multiple screens located as you want, allowing resizing of each element. More productive, more you.



146mm x 175mm x 44mm (unfolded)

156mm x 52mm x 44mm (folded)




Compound Lightguide

Spatial Computing

6DoF spatial tracking

Plane recognition

Image recognition


Dual speakers

Dual microphones


2 spatial computing cameras

Photo/HD video RGB camera

IMU (Accelerometer, Gyroscope)

Ambient light sensor

Proximity sensor


USB Type-C

Compatible with devices equipped with a full-function USB-C port.

(*Before first use you must use the glasses together with the Nebula App)


Brightness: Increase/Decrease the brightness of display