Augmented Reality is the reality

Smartglasses based augmented reality is a fact, not a vision. VEO company is specialized in extended "seeing"- referring to the "veo" word - which means "to see" in spanish.
Begin to see with our solutions.
Begin to see with glasses we offer.
Build your own solutions.
Create the Augmented World.

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VEO AR Glasses SDK

VEO AR Glass SDK is our flagship Unity3D application made to visualize real time Land&Sea navigation data on following smartglasses: Epson BT-300/350 Moverio, Vuzix Blade, Google Glass 2.0, Vuzix M400, Realware HMT-1. The app is capable of receiving navigation data stream from smartphone (or any API) and visualise it on various smartglasses. We use 9-axis IMUs available on glasses to understand where exactly the viewer's head is located and truly augment the reality. Whenever your app needs to use IMU in advanced way, our SDK is an option for you.

Further development of the SDK should be done by our consultants in a customization project.

Laptop with map

VEO Maps is high efficient, complete embedable map system easy to integrate with your architecture. This complex ReactJS service is provided as a composition of common and separated maps API elements. You can embeed VEO Maps into your systems replacing Google Maps and other map providers. Our unique platform uses Mapbox but enhances it strongly with our UI and geocoding and reversegeocoding techniques that read both public OpenStreetMaps + Wikipedia + VEO sources . Moreover we are adding Weather layers too providing our GFS based Weather presentation server. The platform gathers data from users of Xploria app and it grows every day. Its embedable, easy to deploy and expand by own data layers.


VEO Data API enables you to query our databases in structured independent form of Rest API and GraphQL API. You can read and use our data in your system just after we sign licence agreement.

Our services:

  1. Mapbox customised vector & satellite map server
  2. POI Server
  3. Geocoding
  4. Reverse geocoding
  5. Land/Water recognition API
  6. POI comments, rating
  7. Media streaming server
  8. Our GIS layers: marinas videos, risk zones
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Veo Messenger

VEO Messenger

VEO Messenger is a breakthrough messenger designed for companies and teams. You use it almost identical to Slack systems, but you operate it completely differently. Besides writing on the phone or desktop - we suggest that you also communicate by reading messages on the AR glasses and replying to them with your voice. VEO Messenger software will recognize what you say on the fly and bring it to chat. The Polish and English language recognition engine is one of the best in the world. It's not everything. Our messenger will download from your phone any notifications you are interested in and display them in a transparent form as a layer above the chat. That way you won't miss a message! You will not have to pull out the phone to listen who wrote to you!