Xploria is the world's first marine navigation system operating in Augmented Reality glasses mode. The system is a practical implementation of the SDK VEO Navigation and VEO AR Glasses SDK software in the use of marine navigation. It was created as a result of 2 EU projects conducted by the VEO company in 2018-2021. It also contains a database of over 2000 films documenting European ports created in 2016-2019 by the company's founder.

Xploria has the following features:

  1. Presentation of navigation data in Augmented Reality mode on the Epson BT40 glasses 
  2. Mapbox-based vector map system with a large database of marine objects and descriptions of 2000 marinas - online and offline mode
  3. Weather routing based on NOAA GFS weather data - online mode with offline features
  4. Mechanisms for determining sea routes for yachts: manual, manual + weather routing, completely automatically
  5. Tracking sea routes

The system is available for sale from January 2022 on the xploria.io website and in stores supplying hardware and software for sailors.


G-EYE System

G-EYE is an assistive technology system to support persons with vision impairments or low vision, as well as their institutional carers, family or friends. It is designed to significantly increase independence and safety in daily activities and duties, allowing one to cope autonomously or with remote guidance.

G-eye is designed for people with all kinds of severe sight defects, but also for elders suffering from dementia symptoms, especially Alzheimer. It is for everyone who would find voice support of a carer/close person helpful to deal with all sorts of issues which the impairments make challenging.

Independence and safety for the visually impaired, time-saving and flexibility for their carers.

Guide Eye allows carers to see remotely what persons with vision impairments encounter via FPV and guide them by speaking.

Computer Vision is a highly effective picture recognition system based on advanced AI, which provides audio description of the surroundings.

Best for: blind, visually impaired people, dementia affected elders (e.g. with Alzheimer), and their carers.

The G-EYE system will be available to buy at www.g-eye.co



HoloCar is the first Mixed Reality system designed for the visualization and configuration of vehicles in holographic mode in a car showroom. Thanks to it, the customer on the car can see it in full size in front of him, as a hologram. The basic device of the system is the Microsoft Hololens 2 eyepiece. In the HoloCar system it is possible to select many vehicle models, open / close the doors, look inside, change the color of the body, change the color of the upholstery, change the wheels / rims.

The Holocar system software was developed by Curious Element sp z o.o.. VEO is a reseller of MS Hololens 2 glasses, having the rights to sell Holocard system licenses to end customers, i.e. car dealerships.

Thanks to HoloCar, the car dealership achieves significant benefits in the form of:

  • no need to purchase and bring many expensive vehicles to the showroom
  • possibility to show models that are not able to show in phisical form (very new models or variants not available in particular carroom)
  • bigger engagement of end customer (excitement about the amazing way of presenting the product)
  • significant shortening of the sales process (reduction of costs and time of selling a single car)

More on system

Tactical AR goggles - XAR 1.0 - VEO Extreme AR 1.0

Designing their own AR glasses was the dream and vision of the founders of VEO from the very beginning of the company's existence. In 2020, VEO won a competition to create a prototype of AR glasses with enhanced properties of the user's face shield, meeting a number of protection standards. This project is described in more detail here.

The XAR 1.0 tactical goggles will have the following features:

  1. A form that imitates tactical goggles known from the military sector (WileyX Spear, CG1)
  2. High quality headtracking - sensors for tracking the head position in 3 classic IMU axes (roll, pitch, yaw) 
  3. Possibility to connect a thermal imaging camera and special video cameras, laser rangefinders, cameras installed on other equipment (radio / cable).
  4. 40 degree FOV display with 4000 nits brightness
  5. Resolution at least 720x1200 pixels
  6. Edge CPU + GPU processing
  7. Android 10

The project is scheduled to be carried out in the research and development part by the end of 2022.


Nexar Corner Shooter

Nexar Corner Shooter allows you to monitor the field of fire without exposing your body to a hit or blast fragments. It enables anti-terrorist and defensive actions to be carried out with the minimization of the risk of injuring the user's body. Nexar CornerShooter allows you to shoot from behind the corner, with full visibility in front of the barrel of the weapon in the AR glasses.
Corner Shooter was created as a system for the private paramilitary market and for the Police, Territorial Defense Forces and Border Guard. The key element of the system is a barrel camera mounted on a handgun and an AR eyepiece: RealWear HMT1, RealWear Navigator 500 or Vuzix Blade Upgraded. Ultimately, a video camera or a thermal imaging camera or a double camera with both video and thermal imaging in one housing will be mounted on the weapon.

The system is already available for sale in the VEO store and in the VEO distribution network