Thermovision goggles NCBiR project


VEO Sp. z o.o. from 01/02/2021, as a partner in a consortium with SKA Polska Sp. z o.o. project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Intelligent Development Operational Program. The project is carried out as part of the competition of the National Center for Research and Development: Szybka Ścieżka

"Mobile thermal vision system detecting fever, operating on the basis of proprietary virus, shock and waterproof Augmented Reality goggles."



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Architectural challenges in designing applications for augmented reality glasses

Ernest Syska

Development of software for augmented reality glasses computer devices requires a new decisions in the field of user experience and extensive knowledge of the technical capabilities of this type of device. In this extremely dynamically changing field, it is necessary to select basic classes of devices and formulate an effective design method for these devices of the appropriate application architecture. In the article we present both the classification of glasses and the method of making design...

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REQUEST FOR QUOTATION For the purchase of optical and microcomputer development kits


For the purchase of optical and microcomputer development kits
under the sub-measure 1.1.1 of the SG OP "Fast track"
Agreement No.POIR.01.01.01-00-1209 / 20-00

VEO Sp. z o.o.
Victory Avenue 96/98
81-451 Gdynia, Poland
telephone: +48 533 130 007

The subject of the Order is the purchase of 6 optical and microcomputer development sets (e.g....

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European Union Funds


VEO has implemented a project including a grant awarded by the Pomeranian Development Agency.
Project name: "Maritime navigation system based on augmented reality operating on sealed AR glasses for sailors and ship captains"

Project implementation period 09.2018-03.2020.

EU co-financing amount: PLN 1,909,570.10

Consortium partner: SWING DEV Sp z o.o.


VEO is implementing the project "An innovative algorithm for calculating...

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