We create solutions for Augmented Reality glasses: navigation & GIS systems, speech to text video communicators, AR thermal analysis systems, face recognition software.

VEO Navigation navigation software provides AR maps and routings in transport, security and sports teams. The VEO Messenger system facilitates hands-free communication in teams operating in difficult conditions. The VEO Thermovision application examines the temperature of objects and people by visualizing data on AR glasses, while the user has free hands. Verify our solutions in Proof of Concepts organized for your end customer.


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In addition to building our own systems, we help other companies to create unusual AR solutions. We provide assistance in the field of AR glasses architecture, performance, functional possibilities, development options, prices - ask us about it when you plan larger purchases of this type.

We are a team of professionals focused on business value created on AR solutions. Each of us has over a dozen years of intensive experiences in Information Technologies sector. We do our jobs with great responsibility and deep understanding of you - the Customer. We know what you need in software product development or IT services. We know how develop solutions for those marvels of technology: the Augmented Reality glasses. Benefit from our experiences. Write to us.